National Workaholic Day & Your Relationship

Today is National Workaholic Day.

Work addiction can have a devastating effect on our wellness and interpersonal relationships. This is especially true for new parents. New fathers in particular may find themselves spending more time in the office after the birth of a child because they feel increased pressure to provide and because the external rewards they receive in the workplace help them cope with feelings of helplessness and inadequacy that they may be experiencing while baby is so dependent on Mom.

Sound like you? Try to set boundaries with your time that optimizes your time with your family. Perhaps you can make it a rule to be home for dinner and not to work on weekends while your children are awake.  Make family time screen free time, for you too not just the kids.  Use your vacation and sick time!! And be sure to connect with your partner daily.

Does this sound like your partner? Recognize that this may be a way your partner is expressing their love to you and thank them for their contribution to your family. Create a shared calendar and give your partner notice and reminders when there is an event you do not want them to miss. Share your feelings to prevent resentments from building up. If this problem continues to feel overwhelming seeking the help of a qualified marriage counselor sooner rather than later is best. 

So, Errr... Happy workaholic day? Why not call in to celebrate? Or maybe at least head home early.

Robin P. Giesen is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Bringing Baby Home Educator practicing in Long Beach, CA.  Robin specializes in the treatment of maternal mental health and couples counseling. 

This blog is not intended as a replacement to a mental health evaluation or therapeutic treatment.

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